Rugpull Shakes Up Arbitrum Ecosystem: Project Team Vanishes with Users’ Money

So, here’s the scoop from the crypto grapevine: xKingdom, a player in the Arbitrum (ARB) network, has pulled a disappearing act, leaving users in the lurch. The official Twitter account is gone, and you can forget about checking out their website—it’s off the grid too.

Rumor has it the xKingdom team did a sneaky move. They apparently pinched some Ethereum (ETH) that users had staked, did a quick swap to Tether (USDT), and poof! Sent it over to the Ethereum mainnet. Estimated haul? A cool 552 ETH, which translates to around $1.02 million.

Now, where are the funds, you ask? Word on the virtual street is they’re camping out at Ethereum address 0xCA…74c6, playing hide-and-seek with a privacy tool called Tornado.Cash. Crafty, right? Makes it a bit of a wild goose chase to trace those funds.

Security sleuths over at Cyvers chimed in, nodding in agreement:

“Yep, our rad system flagged a rugpull stunt at XKING. The trickster, working their magic on the ARB address, whisked away all the loot to ETH. A sweet $1.24 million now chilling in Tornado Cash.”

And that’s not all—besides wiping out the website and Twitter, xKingdom also pulled the plug on all their social media handles. But here’s the twist: whispers in the crypto breeze hint that not all of the scammer’s stash is tucked away beyond reach. Some funds might still be lingering on central exchanges, ripe for a recovery mission.

Oh, and just a quick heads up: we’re not here to sling investment advice. Stay savvy, crypto fam.