Ripple vs. SEC: Is a Ruling Coming This Week?

The legal battle between Ripple and the SEC is heating up, with XRP enthusiasts eagerly awaiting a decision on penalties and remedies. The legal proceedings concluded two months ago, and speculation is running high.

A Friday Prediction?

One pro-XRP lawyer, Fred Rispoli, believes a ruling could come as early as this Friday, a day before the anniversary of a key summary judgment ruling. He’s also predicting the end of July as a more likely timeframe.

Procedural Hurdle?

Another pro-XRP lawyer, Bill Morgan, pointed out a potential roadblock: a pending motion before Judge Netburn. Rispoli clarified that Judge Torres could make a decision on penalties and remedies without waiting for Judge Netburn’s ruling.

Ripple’s Victory and a New Motion

It’s worth noting that Judge Torres previously ruled that XRP is not a security, a major win for Ripple. However, the SEC filed a motion to strike new expert materials, which could complicate things.

What’s Next?

If Judge Netburn rules in favor of Ripple, Judge Torres could proceed with the final ruling on penalties and remedies. Even if Judge Netburn’s decision is delayed, a ruling on penalties and remedies could still come this week.

Despite the speculation, the XRP price hasn’t shown any significant movement. It’s currently trading at $0.43.