Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Warns of Economic Collapse and Promotes Bitcoin as a Safe Haven

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” is predicting an economic collapse and advising investors to turn to gold, silver, and Bitcoin as a safe haven.

Fed’s Tightening Policy and Bank Failures

Kiyosaki believes that the Federal Reserve’s tightening monetary policy will lead to a recession and an increase in bank failures. He emphasizes the importance of protecting wealth during such economic downturns.

Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin as Parachutes

Kiyosaki recommends investing in gold, silver, and Bitcoin as a means of preserving wealth during an economic crisis. He refers to these assets as “parachutes” that can help investors make a “soft landing” in the event of a financial crash.

Bitcoin as a Hedge Against Fiat Currency

Kiyosaki previously stated that he holds Bitcoin as a hedge against the potential devaluation of fiat currencies and the actions of the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department, and Wall Street.

Current Bitcoin Price

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $45,287, showing a 1.53% increase over the past 24 hours.


The article includes a disclaimer stating that the opinions expressed by Kiyosaki are not investment advice and that investors should conduct their own research before making any high-risk investments.