Pantera Capital Bets on Toncoin to Revolutionize Crypto Adoption

Telegram’s Advantage

Hedge fund Pantera Capital believes Toncoin (TON), the blockchain developed by Telegram, has the potential to “bring crypto to the world.” Unlike other blockchain projects that struggle to build communities, Telegram already has a massive user base of over 900 million monthly active users.

Built-in Wallet and Regulatory Freedom

Telegram’s built-in crypto wallet simplifies the onboarding process for users, eliminating the complexities of traditional self-custody wallets. Additionally, Telegram operates in Dubai, which offers a more favorable regulatory environment for digital asset projects compared to jurisdictions like the US.

Competitive Edge

Pantera argues that Telegram has a competitive edge over other major messaging platforms:

  • Facebook Messenger: Faced regulatory hurdles with its Libra crypto payments, leading to its shutdown.
  • WeChat: Limited scope for digital yuan payments and restricted ability to create permissionless applications.


Pantera believes Telegram’s shared web3 ethos and large distribution make it well-positioned to bring crypto to the masses. As of writing, TON is trading at $6.94.