Orbs and SYMMIO Team Up to Boost On-Chain Derivatives

Orbs, a layer three blockchain, has partnered with SYMMIO, an OTC derivatives platform, to enhance on-chain derivatives trading.

Efficient Capital Deployment

Orbs’ liquidity hub, which operates above AMMs, has seen high demand. The partnership with SYMMIO aims to provide similar capabilities for derivatives traders, enabling them to use their capital more efficiently.

On-Chain Derivatives Use Cases

Orbs and SYMMIO will focus on developing use cases for on-chain derivatives, leveraging Orbs’ existing technology. These include:

  • Developing an on-/off-chain communication oracle
  • Creating a bidding system for hedgers to reduce risk

Addressing the Liquidity Gap

While derivatives dominate trading volumes on centralized exchanges, they are underrepresented on-chain. This partnership aims to address this imbalance by providing traders with efficient capital utilization and risk hedging options.

SYMMIO’s Solution

SYMMIO’s solution supports intent-based OTC derivatives trading. When a user wants to open a position, quotes are streamed from hedgers. The front end selects the best quote and transmits an intent on-chain. The solver accepts the intent and executes the trade on-chain.

Collaboration Benefits

Orbs aims to expand the adoption of SYMMIO’s technology and provide a safer way for traders to access on-chain derivatives.