MetaMask: A Sign of DeFi’s Revival?

Surging User Activity

MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet, has seen a significant surge in monthly active users (MAUs), reaching over 30 million in just five months. This represents a remarkable increase from the 19 million users recorded in September 2023. This uptick could be a positive indicator of growing activity in non-custodial activities, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) minting.

Correlation with Market Recovery

The rise in MetaMask users coincides with the recovery of Bitcoin and Ethereum prices from late Q3 2023 throughout Q4 2023. This suggests a correlation between the growth of DeFi and the overall crypto market. As prices rise, more users are attracted to DeFi and NFT activities, leading to increased demand for MetaMask services.

DeFi’s Resurgence

The recovery in DeFi activities is evident from the nearly 2X rise in total value locked (TVL) from around $40 billion to more than $74 billion as of mid-February 2024. This surge in DeFi activity could be attributed to ongoing network enhancements, such as the planned mainnet implementation of Dencun, and the increasing confidence in the crypto market.

MetaMask’s Proactive Steps

MetaMask has taken proactive steps to protect users by launching a new Blockaid alert system. This feature aims to warn users about potential fraud and phishing attempts. MetaMask also plans to launch a validator staking feature in partnership with ConsenSys, allowing users to stake their ETH without the need for technical expertise.


The surge in MetaMask users and the recovery in DeFi activities suggest a renewed interest in non-custodial activities and a potential revival of the DeFi market. MetaMask’s proactive steps to protect users and its upcoming staking feature further enhance its position as a leading player in the DeFi ecosystem.