Memecoins and AI to Drive Crypto Market

Top analyst Bluntz predicts a surge in the value of memecoins Pepe (PEPE) and Popcat (POPCAT).

PEPE: Ready for a Five-Wave Rally

Bluntz believes PEPE has completed its corrective phase and is poised for a five-wave rally. He predicts it could reach $0.0000145.

Popcat: Mimicking Dogwifhat’s Success

Bluntz draws parallels between Popcat’s current market structure and that of dogwifhat (WIF) before its rally to all-time highs. He anticipates a similar surge for Popcat.

Memecoins and AI: Leading the Narrative

Bluntz emphasizes that memecoins and artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to dominate the crypto market. He advises investors to choose their investments wisely.