Mark Cuban: Bitcoin Beats Gold for Investment

Billionaire Mark Cuban, known for his role on “Shark Tank” and as a Dallas Mavericks owner, has declared his preference for Bitcoin (BTC) over gold as an investment.

Why Bitcoin?

In an interview with CNBC, Cuban explained that he views Bitcoin as a better option than gold from an investment standpoint. He believes that the limited supply of Bitcoin (21 million) and the increasing demand for it will drive up its price.

“Bitcoin is just driven by supply and demand,” Cuban said. “The more people that buy and the fewer people that sell, that means the price is going to go up.”

Disappointment in Mass Adoption

Despite his enthusiasm for Bitcoin as an investment, Cuban expressed disappointment in the lack of mass adoption of decentralized applications (DApps). He believes that the industry needs a “transitional application” that would make cryptocurrencies more accessible and widely used.

Consistent Investment

Cuban emphasized that he has been investing in Bitcoin over gold for years and will continue to do so. He believes that the demand for Bitcoin will eventually exceed the supply, making it a valuable asset.