Liquid Mercury and GFO-X Team Up for Crypto Derivatives Trading

Liquid Mercury’s RFQ Platform Powers GFO-X Exchange

Liquid Mercury, a leading crypto trading technology provider, has joined forces with GFO-X, the UK’s first regulated and centrally cleared exchange for digital asset derivatives.

This partnership provides institutional traders with access to deep liquidity for trading options and futures contracts in large sizes. The RFQ (request for quote) platform allows traders to source quotes from multiple liquidity providers.

Secure and Efficient Trading Environment

Liquid Mercury’s institutional-grade platform and GFO-X’s regulated marketplace create a secure and efficient trading environment for professional investors and trading firms.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Liquidity: The RFQ platform connects traders to multiple liquidity providers, ensuring deep liquidity for large trades.
  • Reduced Risk: Trades are cleared through LCH SA, one of the largest clearing houses in the financial markets.
  • Efficient Trading Workflows: Liquid Mercury’s platform supports various trading workflows, including cross-blocking trades and other sell-side activities.

Quotes from Executives

Tony Saliba, CEO of Liquid Mercury, believes that GFO-X’s entry into crypto derivatives is a “key development” for the industry.

Arnab Sen, CEO of GFO-X, praised Liquid Mercury’s “pedigree in building successful technology-focused franchises” and “track record of delivering institutional-grade solutions.”

About Liquid Mercury

Liquid Mercury provides professional crypto trading technology solutions, including infrastructure, liquidity access, and trading tools.

About GFO-X

GFO-X is the UK’s first regulated and centrally cleared exchange for digital asset derivatives. It is authorized and regulated by the UK FCA and connected to leading financial institutions.