Kyle Davies: No Regrets for 3AC Bankruptcy

Where Is Kyle Davies?

Kyle Davies, co-founder of the bankrupt crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), recently spoke on the Unchained Podcast about his whereabouts and the aftermath of 3AC’s collapse.

After 3AC’s bankruptcy in 2022, Davies and his co-founder, Su Zhu, were sentenced to four months in prison for failing to cooperate with authorities. Davies refused to turn himself in and has been a fugitive since then.

Davies explained that he didn’t know about the missed court date that led to their sentencing and that their lawyer failed to inform them. He also said that Zhu’s prison experience was surprisingly positive, as he spent his time meditating and helping others.

Despite his sentence, Davies doesn’t plan to return to Singapore anytime soon unless authorities “remove the contempt.” However, he hopes to reach a settlement with them.

No Apologies to the Crypto Community

When asked about the crypto community’s criticism of his lack of remorse, Davies refused to apologize for 3AC’s bankruptcy. He argued that companies go bankrupt all the time and that it’s more important to focus on building something new.

Davies believes that he and Zhu can provide valuable advice to other firms facing similar challenges. He said, “We’re definitely trying our best. We can add value in various ways. At a minimum, we can even tell the next Three Arrows how to do things better when they go bankrupt.”