Korean Entertainment Scandal: Celebrities Involved in Coin Fraud Allegations

Allegations of Coin Fraud

  • Korean blockchain sports platform Winnerz is accused of running a coin scam and preventing investors from accessing their money.
  • Anonymous investors claim the company has been issuing fake cryptocurrency, gathering investments, and forbidding investors from taking out their money.
  • The total amount of money collected that is being refused to be returned to investors is unknown.
  • The crypto fraud case was submitted to the National Policy Agency on February 5.

Celebrity Involvement

  • Winnerz is accused of recruiting celebrities to boost the cryptocurrency’s credibility and attract investors.
  • Celebrities associated with this practice could buy the coin themselves, help in the investor’s recruitment process for a commission, or do both.
  • In 2022, celebrities and athletes advertised EthereumMax (EMAX) on social media platforms, leading to a $1.2M agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Korean Personalities Respond

  • Korean comedian Na Sun-uk denied involvement in the coin fraud controversy, claiming he attended gatherings due to personal connections with the participating creators.
  • Youtubers Kim Won-hoon and Cho Jin-se also denied financial or business involvement with Winnerz-related official Choi Seung-jung.
  • Korean YouTuber Oh Byeong-min admitted to investing in Winnerz but announced his intentions to withdraw his investment and cut all ties with the company.
  • Winnerz denied the fraud allegations on its website, ensuring its business practices and goals are transparent and publicly disclosed.