JPMorgan Chase Denies Refund to Gunpoint Robbery Victim

Victim’s Struggle

Victoria Karwowski, a Chicago resident, was robbed at gunpoint by thieves who demanded access to her Chase account. Under duress, she was forced to hand over her banking app password, resulting in $1,700 being stolen via Zelle.

Chase’s Denial

Despite receiving a police report and video evidence, Chase initially refused to reimburse Karwowski, claiming she had authorized the transfer.

I-Team Intervention

Karwowski sought help from ABC Chicago’s I-Team, who contacted Chase and Zelle. Within days, she received a full refund.

Chase’s Response

Chase apologized for Karwowski’s experience but did not provide any further explanation for their initial denial.

Robbers Still at Large

The robbers responsible for the crime remain at large, according to Chicago police.