Internet Computer Soars in Development Activity

Internet Computer (ICP), a cloud-focused Web3 altcoin, has emerged as the most actively developed crypto project in recent weeks.

According to analytics firm Santiment, ICP recorded an impressive 466.9 GitHub commits in the past 30 days, surpassing all other projects. Santiment’s methodology excludes routine updates, ensuring that only “true” development activity is counted.

Key Players in Development Activity

Following ICP, Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT) share the second spot with 434.3 and 431.33 commits, respectively. Ethereum layer-2 scaling project Optimism (OP) rounds out the top five with 405.7 commits.

Development Activity as a Positive Indicator

Santiment suggests that high development activity is a promising sign, indicating that developers have faith in the project’s potential or anticipate upcoming feature releases. It also reduces the likelihood of exit scams.