Heroes of Mavia: A Global Gaming Phenomenon with Over 1 Million Downloads

Hanoi, Vietnam (February 5, 2024) – Heroes of Mavia, the highly anticipated mobile strategy game, has taken the gaming world by storm, surpassing 1 million downloads on Android and iOS. This remarkable milestone reflects the game’s widespread appeal, combining captivating gameplay with innovative Web 3.0 elements.

Global Dominance:

Heroes of Mavia’s global success is evident in its impressive achievements across various markets. It has secured the top spot in the free games category on Android in China, demonstrating its popularity in the country’s vast gaming community. The game also holds the number one position on Google Play in Nigeria and leads the iOS charts in Poland, further solidifying its global appeal.

Top Rankings Worldwide:

Heroes of Mavia’s dominance extends to several other key gaming markets. It ranks among the top 10 in Finland (iOS), the USA (Android), Singapore (Android), the Netherlands (Android), Vietnam (iOS), Pakistan (Android), and Canada (iOS). These top rankings position Heroes of Mavia as a strong contender to become one of the leading Web 3.0 games.

Engaging Gameplay and Robust Community:

With its successful launch, Heroes of Mavia has attracted an impressive 234,000 daily active users, highlighting its engaging content and thriving community. This momentum sets the stage for the upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE) for the MAVIA token on February 6, 2024. The token will be listed on major exchanges, further integrating the game with Web 3.0 technology and opening new avenues for player engagement.

A Pioneer in the Gaming Industry:

Heroes of Mavia showcases the potential of merging traditional gaming mechanics with the innovative possibilities of Web 3.0. Its global appeal, engaging gameplay, and sustainable growth model position the game as a pioneer in the gaming industry. As the MAVIA token launch approaches, the company invites gamers and technology enthusiasts worldwide to join this exciting journey.

About Heroes of Mavia:

Heroes of Mavia is a AAA mobile Web 3.0 strategy game available on iOS and Android app stores globally. Backed by prominent investors, the game is set to launch its native token, MAVIA, on February 6, 2024.