Heco Bridge Hackers Move Stolen Funds to Tornado Cash

Hackers who stole millions of dollars from the Heco Bridge have been laundering their ill-gotten gains through Tornado Cash, a crypto mixer.

Laundering Millions

Blockchain security firm PeckShield reports that the hackers have transferred over $145 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) to Tornado Cash in the past eight days.

Heco Bridge Heist

In November, hackers targeted Heco Bridge, a project linked to Tron founder Justin Sun, and the crypto exchange HTX. The total loss from the attacks was estimated at $100 million, with $86 million coming from Heco Bridge.

Tornado Cash

Tornado Cash is a cryptocurrency mixing service that allows users to conceal their transactions. It has been sanctioned by the US government due to concerns about its use in money laundering.

Arrests and Charges

Several individuals associated with Tornado Cash have been arrested or charged, including co-founders Roman Storm and Roman Semenov. Alexey Pertsev, a developer for the project, was also arrested in 2022.


The use of Tornado Cash by Heco Bridge hackers highlights the challenges of combating crypto-related crime. Law enforcement agencies are increasingly targeting crypto mixers to disrupt illicit activities.