Global Debt Reaches Record High, Nations Face Repayment Challenges

Global debt has surpassed a staggering $313 trillion, with some nations facing growing difficulties in repaying their obligations, according to a recent study.

Debt Surges:

  • Global debt surged by $15 trillion from Q4 2022 to Q4 2023, as reported by Reuters, citing the Institute of International Finance (IIF).
  • Over the past decade, global debt has seen a significant increase, rising from $210 trillion to its current record level.

Mature Markets and Emerging Markets:

  • Developed nations, led by the US, France, and Germany, contributed to a 2% reduction in the global debt-to-GDP ratio over the past year.
  • However, emerging markets are experiencing fresh highs in their debt-to-GDP ratios, indicating potential challenges in debt repayment.
  • India, Argentina, China, Russia, Malaysia, and South Africa are among the countries with the most significant increases in debt-to-GDP ratios.

Debt Sales and Geopolitical Risks:

  • Debt sales in emerging markets are at an all-time high, reaching $47 billion in January 2023.
  • The IIF predicts increased borrowing and investment activities in Europe and non-financial sector companies that drive the economy.
  • Geopolitical tensions remain a structural market risk, and government deficits continue to exceed pre-pandemic levels.


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