Germany Dumps Massive Bitcoin Stash: Did It Impact the Market?

German authorities just unloaded a record-breaking 16,000 Bitcoin in a single day, causing some serious price fluctuations.

Big Sell-Off:

German authorities have been selling off their Bitcoin stash, and Monday saw the biggest sell-off yet. They transferred over 16,000 Bitcoin to various exchanges, including Kraken, Bitstamp, and Coinbase. This massive sale was worth over $900 million!

Impact on the Market:

While the sell-off caused some volatility in the Bitcoin market, some experts believe the impact might be overblown. CryptoQuant’s CEO, Ki Young Ju, argues that government-seized Bitcoin makes up a small percentage of the total market. He also points out that Bitcoin’s price has risen significantly despite billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin being sold since 2023.

Bitcoin Investment Products Bounce Back:

Despite the sell-off, Bitcoin investment products saw a positive turnaround. Investors poured $400 million into Bitcoin funds, with Fidelity and ProShares leading the way. This surge in investment came after Bitcoin’s price briefly dipped to its lowest point since February.


While the German authorities’ massive Bitcoin sell-off caused some market volatility, experts believe the impact might be limited. Bitcoin investment products are showing signs of recovery, suggesting continued interest in the cryptocurrency despite recent price fluctuations.