German MP Calls for Government to Halt Bitcoin Sale

Cotar’s Criticism

Joana Cotar, a member of the German parliament, has strongly criticized the government’s decision to sell off its Bitcoin holdings during a volatile market. She argues that the sale is ill-timed and undermines the potential benefits of holding Bitcoin.

Government’s Sell-Off

Despite Cotar’s concerns, the German government has continued to sell Bitcoin. According to intelligence platform Arkham, the government has sold thousands of BTC in recent weeks, including a recent sale of 500 BTC worth $27 million.

Cotar’s Recommendations

Cotar has urged the government to reconsider its sell-off and develop a comprehensive Bitcoin strategy. She suggests that the government could hold Bitcoin in its treasury, issue Bitcoin bonds, or create a favorable regulatory environment for the asset.

Benefits of Bitcoin

Cotar highlights the potential benefits of Bitcoin for Germany, including:

  • Diversifying the treasury
  • Providing a long-term store of value
  • Promoting innovation
  • Enhancing economic sovereignty
  • Advancing technological development

Political Divide

Cotar’s position reflects the ongoing debate in German politics over the role of cryptocurrencies. Some lawmakers advocate for more progressive policies, while others prefer a cautious approach.