FTX Customers Demand Millions for ‘Sam Coins’

Investors Push for Higher Valuation

FTX customers holding “Sam Coins” (Serum, MAPS, and OXY) are demanding millions from the bankrupt crypto firm. They argue that the tokens are worth far more than the “nearly worthless” valuation proposed by FTX’s experts.

FTX’s Arguments

FTX claims that the tokens have little value due to:

  • Sam Bankman-Fried’s involvement in their creation and deals
  • FTX holding a significant majority of the tokens
  • Fraudulent activities that led to the company’s collapse

Token Holders’ Counterarguments

The token holders argue that FTX’s valuation is flawed and have presented their own method, valuing the tokens at hundreds of millions of dollars. They have filed claims demanding payment based on their calculations.

Legal Showdown

The case between the customers and FTX will reach its final arguments on Tuesday. Bankruptcy officials allege that the “Sam Coins” played a role in FTX’s fraudulent scheme.

Token Price Movements

  • FTT (FTX’s native token): $2.15 (3% decline in 24 hours)
  • SRM (Serum): $0.06318 (5% decline in 24 hours)
  • MAPS: $0.03549 (9.4% increase in 24 hours)
  • OXY (Oxygen): $0.01629 (15% increase in 24 hours)