FTX Creditor Platform Helps Former Customers Recover Funds

Former FTX Execs Invest in Bankruptcy Claims

Former FTX customers, who lost funds in the exchange’s collapse, have found a way to potentially make a profit. Led by Louis d’Origny and Ramnik Arora, they have created a platform called FTX Creditor to buy bankruptcy claims from other customers.

Lucrative Investment Opportunity

D’Origny recognized the opportunity to invest in FTX bankruptcy claims and purchased $31 million worth. Through FTX Creditor, he and Arora have facilitated the purchase of an additional $60 million in claims.

Targeting Small Claimants

FTX Creditor focuses on customers who had less than $100,000 on the exchange. D’Origny aims to create a transparent and efficient process for these creditors, who often face risks and a lack of clarity.

Uncertainties and Challenges

The process has not been without its challenges. The IRS has filed billions of dollars in bankruptcy claims against FTX, and the surge in cryptocurrency prices has raised concerns about the value of claims.

Relief for Claimants

Despite the uncertainties, claimants have expressed satisfaction with FTX Creditor’s services. The platform processes purchases quickly, and many claimants are eager to reinvest their funds in the cryptocurrency market.

Rising Crypto Prices

The rise in cryptocurrency prices has added a new dimension to the situation. While the exchange has assured creditors of full recovery, the surge in prices could lead to even greater returns.


FTX Creditor has provided a lifeline to former FTX customers, allowing them to potentially recover their lost funds. The platform’s efforts have brought relief to claimants and demonstrate the resilience of the cryptocurrency market.