Backtracks on Blockchain Migration

Decision Reversal, a social media platform built on crypto, has reversed its decision to leave the Coinbase-backed Base blockchain.

Community Feedback

The decision change follows feedback from the community, which expressed a desire for the platform to remain on Base. The company agreed, stating that the platform was always intended to be community-driven.

No Migration

As a result, will not migrate its supply and liquidity to a new blockchain. Users will continue to access the platform’s features, including club creation, chatting, and key purchases, on Base.

Fee Adjustments

Additionally, has eliminated all protocol fees from its BunnySwap, Clubs, and v1 smart contracts. This means that 100% of fees will now go to traders, liquidity providers, and club presidents.


Last month, announced plans to partner with Conduit to create its own blockchain, Friendchain. However, the company has since reconsidered based on community input.

Current Status’s native token, FRIEND, is currently trading at $0.323, down 22.4% in the past 24 hours.