French Montana Inscribes Song on Bitcoin Blockchain

French Montana, known for his record-breaking streams, has made history by becoming the first mainstream artist to inscribe a complete song on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The Unreleased Track

The song, titled “Bag Curious,” is a hidden track from Montana’s “Mac & Cheese 5” album. It was inscribed into Bitcoin’s Proof of Work system, making it unchangeable and censorship-resistant.

Significance of the Inscription

This inscription is significant because:

  • It occupied an entire BTC block, highlighting the innovative use of Ordinals for non-financial purposes.
  • It is the third-largest Ordinal inscription ever, demonstrating the growing popularity of the protocol.
  • It showcases French Montana’s willingness to embrace new technologies and connect with his audience in unique ways.

Collaboration with

The project was made possible through a collaboration with, a platform that simplifies the Ordinals minting process. Montana praised’s team for transforming the inscription into an exciting venture.

Impact on the Music Industry

This inscription highlights the potential of Ordinals as a platform for artists seeking immutable and censorship-resistant methods to distribute their work. It opens up new possibilities for digital content ownership and distribution.