Flare Network: A Potential Challenger to Chainlink

A crypto investment fund linked to Arthur Hayes believes that Flare (FLR), a blockchain oracle rival to Chainlink (LINK), is undervalued and could potentially surge in value.

Flare’s Potential

The fund highlights that Flare has a lower fully diluted valuation compared to Chainlink, despite having a smaller number of project integrations. They believe that if Flare reaches 50% of Chainlink’s valuation, FLR could increase by 2.2x, and if it reaches 75%, it could soar by 3.3x.

Flare’s Unique Approach

Unlike other oracle providers like Pyth Network, Flare has the ability to build its own native ecosystem. This approach, combined with its Layer-1 features, gives it a unique positioning in the market.

Comparison to Chainlink and Pyth

While Chainlink is the market leader, it has limitations in latency and applicability for high-throughput use cases. Pyth, on the other hand, focuses on financial institutions, leaving a gap in general applicability. Flare aims to bridge these gaps by combining the strengths of both platforms.


It’s important to note that this information is not investment advice and investors should conduct their own research before making any decisions.