Filipinos Can Now Pay Social Security with Tether (USDT)

New Partnership with UQUID

Tether, the issuer of the popular stablecoin USDT, has teamed up with UQUID to enable Filipino citizens to pay their social security contributions using cryptocurrency.

Easy Payment Process

According to UQUID, paying social security with USDT on the TON blockchain is a simple seven-step process using their UQUID card.

1 USDT Store

Tether and UQUID recently launched the 1 USDT store, an online shop designed to promote the use of crypto in everyday transactions.

Executive Quotes

  • Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino: “We are excited to work with Uquid to overhaul the crypto shopping experience.”
  • UQUID CEO Tran Hung: “Launching the 1 USDT Store is a significant milestone in bridging the gap between digital currencies and daily transactions.”

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