Fidelity’s Optimism for Ethereum ETF Approval

Despite some setbacks in the approval process for spot Ethereum Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), financial giants like Fidelity remain hopeful.

Fidelity’s Amended Application

Fidelity has recently updated its application for an Ethereum spot ETF, expressing confidence in its approval by the SEC. The amendment includes a more detailed analysis of the relationship between the spot and futures markets.

Grayscale’s Updated Proposal

Grayscale, another major player in the ETF space, has also amended its proposal for a spot ETH ETF. They believe the case for such ETFs is just as strong as for spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Fidelity’s Staking Plans

Fidelity’s updated application allows traders to stake a portion of their assets in the proposed Ethereum fund. Staking involves holding Ethereum and earning rewards for helping to secure the network.

SEC’s Considerations

The SEC has previously approved a spot Bitcoin ETF, and Fidelity argues that the same principles should apply to Ethereum ETFs. They believe that the CME’s surveillance system can help identify any potential manipulation.


Fidelity and other financial firms remain optimistic about the approval of spot Ethereum ETFs. The amended applications and staking plans indicate their commitment to providing investors with exposure to Ethereum in a regulated and accessible manner.