Ex-JPMorgan Chase Employee Sentenced for Theft and Romance Scams

A former JPMorgan Chase employee in Columbus, Ohio, Prince Oduro, has been sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for stealing $1.8 million from customers and victims of an elaborate romance scam.

Customer Theft

While working at JPMorgan Chase, Oduro accessed the bank information of at least five customers and transferred their funds to PayPal accounts. He then withdrew the money as cash.

Romance Scams

Simultaneously, Oduro engaged in a romance scam, claiming to need money for medical procedures or access to valuable assets. He convinced one victim to send him $400,000 by claiming her deceased husband had stolen expensive artwork.

WhatsApp Bragging

Oduro’s phone records revealed that he bragged about his crimes on WhatsApp, claiming he could make $20,000 a month without getting arrested by “locating money” through money laundering.


Oduro was initially arrested in 2022 and rearrested in 2023 for continuing his scams. He has been ordered to repay the stolen funds.