Ethereum’s Upcoming Leap Over Bitcoin

Raoul Pal, an ex-Goldman Sachs hotshot, has a bold prediction for the crypto world: Ethereum (ETH) is about to leave Bitcoin (BTC) in the dust. He’s sharing his insights with over 21,000 followers on YouTube, drawing parallels between Ethereum’s expected surge and how lesser-rated junk bonds often outshine more prestigious treasuries.

Pal’s got his eye on the potential green light for a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF). He’s convinced this will be a game changer for Ethereum, as he anticipates people will start pouring their Bitcoin profits into ETH. According to Pal, Ethereum isn’t just following the script; it’s waiting to deliver a jaw-dropping surprise. This surprise, he believes, will be triggered once the Bitcoin ETF hits the market, leading to a newfound interest in an Ethereum ETF and a reinvigorated Ethereum ecosystem.

He reflects on the year’s trends, noting how Solana (SOL) and Bitcoin have been the darlings of the market. He’s been betting on Solana all year, calling it the standout trade. But Ethereum isn’t far behind – it’s gearing up to catch up and make some significant moves.

As for Bitcoin, Pal draws comparisons to the 2015 bull market. He’s expecting a similar explosion in value, with less of a chance for major downturns. Unlike the 2019 cycle, where Bitcoin started strong and then faced setbacks, including the Covid-19 pandemic, Pal forecasts a more stable trajectory this time. He sees some corrections on the horizon, but nothing beyond the typical 20-30% fluctuations that are par for the course in crypto. If history repeats itself, we could be looking at this upward trend continuing all the way to the end of 2025.