Ethereum’s Rise: The “Age of Ethereum”

Despite recent criticism, Ethereum expert Ryan Berckmans believes we’re entering the “Age of Ethereum.”

Ethereum’s Strengths

Berckmans argues that Ethereum’s fundamentals are strong, despite challenges:

  • Competition from Bitcoin’s Layer 2 (L2) apps: Berckmans dismisses these apps as inferior to Ethereum’s mature platform.
  • Regulatory hurdles from the SEC: Berckmans believes the SEC won’t succeed in classifying ETH as a security, and even if they do, the government won’t be able to stop Ethereum’s growth.
  • Competition from Solana: Berckmans claims Solana’s scalability and growth advantages are overstated and that Ethereum faces no real competition.

Ethereum’s Superiority

Berckmans highlights Ethereum’s advantages:

  • Network effects: Major financial institutions are building on Ethereum, which will attract more users and developers.
  • Symbiotic relationship with L2 solutions: L2 solutions and Ethereum benefit each other, creating a mutually reinforcing ecosystem.

The Future of Ethereum

Berckmans predicts that Ethereum will become a global economic backbone, providing:

  • Trustless, global operations: Ethereum’s decentralized nature enables secure and transparent transactions worldwide.
  • Foundation for innovation:
    Ethereum’s platform supports a wide range of applications and services, fostering innovation.


Berckmans’ bold predictions suggest that Ethereum has the potential to overcome current challenges and become a central pillar in the future of finance. Whether this vision will fully materialize remains to be seen, but the “Age of Ethereum” is a concept that has sparked considerable interest and debate.