Ethereum’s Price: Under Pressure?

Market Sentiment and Technical Indicators

Data from CryptoQuant shows that Ethereum (ETH) is in a bearish phase, with futures traders aggressively selling. The Taker Buy Sell Ratio, which measures the balance between buying and selling, has dropped below 1, indicating that sellers are in control.

Implications for ETH’s Price

This bearish trend suggests that Ethereum’s price may continue to decline in the short term. The recent 2% drop in ETH’s value and the 6% drop in the last 24 hours support this view.

Competition from Other Platforms

Ethereum is also facing competition from platforms like Polygon, which recently reported a higher number of monthly active users. This shift in preferences could divert attention and investment away from Ethereum, potentially affecting its price.


The bearish indicators in Ethereum’s futures market, coupled with competition from other platforms, suggest that the cryptocurrency’s price may face further pressure in the near future. Investors should monitor these developments closely and adjust their strategies accordingly.