Ethereum’s $3,000 Price Tag: ‘Reality Check’ Needed

Ethereum’s Surge and Expert’s Doubts

Ethereum (ETH) has hit $3,000 for the first time since April 2022. However, Fred Krueger, a Bitcoin ETF expert, warns that the price is “completely detached from reality.”

Why Ethereum May Be Overvalued

Krueger points out that Ethereum’s active daily users have dropped from 120,000 in 2021 to just 66,000. Even Uniswap V3, the top app on Ethereum, has seen a decline in daily users.

Krueger also compares Ethereum to meme coins like Shiba Inu, noting that its market cap of $361 billion is inflated despite its declining usage.

Ethereum Faces Competition and Regulatory Hurdles

Krueger believes Ethereum is overpriced and faces competition from other blockchains that offer lower transaction costs and faster speeds. He also doubts that the SEC will approve an ETH ETF due to concerns about pre-mining.

Crypto Community’s Response

The crypto community has mixed reactions to Krueger’s critique. Some argue that Ethereum’s roadmap and layer-2 solutions will boost usage, while others dismiss his concerns as temporary market fluctuations.

Krueger’s Broader View on Crypto

Krueger’s skepticism extends beyond Ethereum to other altcoins. He believes that they lack long-term value and are unlikely to become significant value generators.

Krueger’s Bottom Line

“Bitcoin is the revolution,” says Krueger. “Every other cryptocurrency is fighting for a much smaller use case.”