Ethereum Whale Awakens from Slumber, Moves ETH to Kraken

A long-dormant Ethereum whale from the 2014 ICO has come to life, depositing a significant amount of ETH into the Kraken exchange.

Whale’s Massive Investment

The whale purchased Ethereum at the ICO price of $0.31. If they were to sell their ETH above $3,000, they would have made a staggering 10,000x or 1,000,000% return on their investment.

Whale’s Activity

Blockchain tracker Lookonchain detected the whale depositing 1,732 Ethereum into Kraken as ETH crossed the $3,000 mark. The whale’s wallet still holds 1,733 ETH worth over $5 million.

Other Whale Movements

In related news, crypto hedge fund Galaxy Digital withdrew 26,000 ETH from Coinbase Prime and Binance. A mysterious entity has also accumulated 64,000 Ethereum in just 11 days.

Ethereum’s Price

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at $2,903.