ETH Gate Investigation Nearing Completion, XRP Community Anticipates Results

Investigation in ‘Final Stages’

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is wrapping up its probe into allegations of conflict of interest involving Ethereum (ETH) regulation. The investigation, known as “ETH Gate,” has drawn attention from the XRP community, which has criticized the SEC’s handling of crypto regulation.

Focus on Former SEC Official

The investigation centers on William Hinman, a former SEC official who had financial ties to a law firm representing Ethereum. Despite these ties, Hinman played a key role in shaping the SEC’s stance on cryptocurrencies.

Empower Oversight’s Role

Government watchdog Empower Oversight initiated the investigation by referring the matter to the SEC’s Office of Inspector General (OIG). The watchdog is demanding transparency and is prepared to sue the SEC if it does not provide requested documents.

XRP Community Reacts

The XRP community has welcomed the investigation, seeing it as a potential catalyst for greater fairness in crypto regulation. XRP influencer Mr. Intuitive noted the shifting perceptions surrounding the investigation’s impact.

ETH Whistleblower’s Perspective

Steven Nerayoff, known as the “ETH whistleblower,” expressed confidence in the investigation’s potential to expose wrongdoing. He emphasized the importance of holding regulators accountable for unethical behavior.


As the SEC nears the conclusion of its ETH Gate investigation, the crypto community eagerly awaits the results. The OIG’s final report could have significant implications for the future of crypto regulation and enforcement.