Dolomite Introduces vARB for Enhanced Voting on Arbitrum

Hey there! Have you heard the latest buzz in the DeFi world? Dolomite, a key player in decentralized finance, just rolled out something pretty cool called vARB. It’s a twist on the regular ARB token, designed specifically for folks who want to have a say in the decisions on the Arbitrum network.

So, what’s the deal with vARB? Unlike your everyday token, you can’t trade or transfer it. The main idea here is all about voting. While you can’t lend or borrow vARB, it lets you use your ARB (which you’ve already put down as collateral) to vote on important matters on Arbitrum.

The unique thing about vARB is that it lives in what Dolomite calls an “isolation mode” within their protocol. This setup means you can’t use your ARB for both lending and borrowing while it’s tied up in other activities, like being in liquidity pools. But with vARB, you get to transform your ARB into a voting powerhouse.

Here’s a nifty feature: vARB gives your votes extra muscle. By depositing vARB as collateral, you can borrow more ARB, convert that to vARB, and repeat this up to five times. And don’t worry about market ups and downs affecting this; the value of vARB stays pegged to ARB, so there’s no risk of losing out due to price fluctuations.

Arbitrum, by the way, is making waves as one of the top Layer-2 networks on Ethereum. Since launching its ARB token back in March, it’s got a whopping $2.4 billion locked in as of late December 2023. And with ARB’s price jumping over 32% in just a week, reaching $1.52, some are even betting it could hit the $2 mark soon. Stay tuned!