Doja Cat’s Twitter Hacked to Promote Fake Crypto

Doja Cat, the famous singer, recently became the latest victim of a celebrity hack. Her Twitter account was taken over by scammers who used it to promote a fake Solana-based meme coin called “DOJA.”

A Growing Trend

This incident highlights a growing trend of scammers using celebrity social media accounts to promote fake crypto schemes. They exploit the trust and following of these celebrities to trick people into investing in fraudulent projects.

How It Happened

The hackers took control of Doja Cat’s Twitter account, which has over 5.6 million followers. They posted several unauthorized tweets about the fake “DOJA” coin, including a photo of Doja holding a knife with the message “Buy DOJA or else.”

Doja Cat’s Response

Fortunately, Doja Cat quickly informed her fans about the hack. She took to Instagram to let everyone know that her Twitter account had been compromised and that she wasn’t promoting any fake coins.

The Bigger Picture

This hack is part of a larger pattern of cybercriminals targeting celebrities to promote fake crypto projects. Just a week earlier, actress Sydney Sweeney’s Twitter account was hacked in a similar way to promote a fake coin called “SWEENEY.”

A Reminder to Be Cautious

This incident serves as a reminder to be cautious when interacting with crypto projects, especially those promoted on celebrity accounts. Always verify the authenticity of any investment opportunity and don’t fall for promises of quick riches.