Dogecoin May Soar 5,900% if History Repeats Itself

A crypto analyst believes Dogecoin (DOGE) could skyrocket if it follows a pattern from 2018-2021.

Dogecoin’s Potential

Ali Martinez, a crypto strategist, suggests DOGE could gain 5,900% from its current value of $0.20. He compares the current DOGE chart to the 2018-2021 pattern, indicating a potential “massive parabolic bull run.”

Ethereum’s Bullish Trend

Martinez also highlights Ethereum’s (ETH) bullish trend, citing increased network transactions by wealthy investors. Despite recent price fluctuations, ETH’s whale transactions are rising, suggesting future price growth.

Bitcoin’s Nasdaq Comparison

Finally, Martinez draws a parallel between Bitcoin’s (BTC) price pattern and the recent performance of the Nasdaq. He suggests BTC could reach around $94,000 before June.