Dogecoin ETF: Expert Predicts 30% Approval Chance

Popularity and Speculation

Dogecoin’s popularity has sparked excitement, leading to speculation about a potential ETF (exchange-traded fund). While Ethereum is a popular choice, crypto expert Andrew Kang believes Dogecoin has a higher chance of approval.

Expert’s Prediction

Kang predicts a 30% chance of a Dogecoin ETF due to recent regulatory changes and Dogecoin’s decentralized nature. He emphasizes that investors should not overlook Dogecoin in favor of other cryptocurrencies.

Potential Benefits and Concerns

While an ETF could increase Dogecoin’s accessibility, some analysts believe it may not be beneficial. @itsALLriskly argues that an ETF could hinder Dogecoin’s adoption as a currency. Influencer Mishaboar warns that ETFs prioritize power and control, potentially leading to volatility and short-term gains.


Kang’s prediction suggests that a Dogecoin ETF is a possibility, but it remains to be seen whether it would be a positive development for the community. Investors should consider both the potential benefits and concerns before making any decisions.