DeFi Platform Hacked for Millions

A DeFi platform called Hedgey Finance has been hacked, resulting in the theft of at least $1.9 million.

Loss Estimate Discrepancy

Cyvers, a cybersecurity firm, estimates the loss at $1.9 million, while on-chain analyst Colin Wu claims it’s closer to $44 million. Hedgey Finance has not confirmed the larger figure.

User Action Recommended

Hedgey Finance advises users to cancel any active claims related to the Hedgey Token Claim Contract. The platform is working to investigate the attack and prevent further losses.

Funds Converted to Dai

The stolen funds were converted to the stablecoin Dai and transferred to an external address.

Security Alert Issued

Hedgey Finance has issued a security alert and is actively investigating the incident. The platform is working with auditors and its team to understand the attack and mitigate any ongoing risks.


The information provided is not intended as investment advice. Investors should conduct their own research before making any high-risk investments in cryptocurrencies.