Custodia Bank’s Fed Master Account Request Denied


Custodia Bank, a digital asset bank, sued the Federal Reserve (Fed) in 2022 after the Fed delayed a decision on granting them a master account. In January 2023, the Fed rejected Custodia’s application for both membership and a master account.

Custodia’s Arguments

Custodia argued that they needed a master account to access the Fed’s services and offer custodial services for crypto assets. They also applied for membership to demonstrate their willingness to be regulated by the Fed.

Fed’s Response

The Fed argued that they have the discretion to grant or deny master account requests. They also noted that membership is not a requirement for a master account.

Court Ruling

On March 29, Judge Scott Skavdahl ruled against Custodia Bank’s request for a master account. He stated that the Fed has the right to reject applications from non-member depository institutions, even if they are legally eligible to apply.


This ruling limits Custodia Bank’s ability to offer custodial services for crypto assets. It also highlights the Fed’s authority to regulate the financial system and determine who has access to its services.