Cryptocurrency Ownership in the U.S. Hits 49 Million

In the ever-evolving world of digital currencies, the United States has made a significant mark by having nearly 49 million people actively participating in the cryptocurrency market. This represents a substantial 14.36% of the country’s population, underscoring the U.S.’s role as a major player in the global cryptocurrency scene.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 countries where cryptocurrency is really taking off:

United Arab Emirates

Topping the list is the United Arab Emirates, with a staggering 27.67% of its 9.5 million population owning cryptocurrencies. This translates to over 2.6 million residents who are deeply engaged in the crypto world.


In Vietnam, a remarkable 21.19% of its nearly 99 million citizens are into cryptocurrencies. That’s over 20.9 million people! The country’s tech-forward population is a key driver in this digital currency boom.

Saudi Arabia

Over in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has an impressive 17.53% of its 36 million-plus population dabbling in cryptocurrencies. This means more than 6.4 million Saudis are exploring the potential of digital financial assets.

United States

Despite a lower ownership rate compared to some other countries, the vast population of the U.S. means that a whopping 49 million Americans are knee-deep in the crypto game.


Singapore, known for its financial and technological prowess, sees 13.93% of its 6 million residents holding digital assets, making it a significant spot for crypto enthusiasts.


Iran’s engagement in the cryptocurrency market is notable too, with 13.46% of its 89 million population (around 12 million people) getting involved, despite facing regulatory hurdles.


The Philippines is not far behind, with 13.43% of its 117 million population, or over 15.7 million people, actively participating in the cryptocurrency market.


Ukraine, with 10.30% of its 36.7 million population owning cryptocurrencies, is making its mark in the global crypto community, thanks to its tech-savvy youth and increasing digital asset awareness.


Venezuela, facing economic challenges, has turned to cryptocurrencies, with 10.30% of its 28.8 million population, nearly 3 million people, seeing it as an alternative financial solution.

South Africa

Rounding out the top 10, South Africa has 10% of its over 60 million population, or about 6 million people, embracing cryptocurrencies.

Max Coupland, an expert from CoinJournal, shares his insights: “The United States, with its substantial population and widespread adoption, remains a formidable force in shaping the trajectory of the global crypto landscape. As individuals continue to explore and invest in digital assets, the findings reflect the enduring allure of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream financial phenomenon.”