Crypto Thefts Skyrocket in February, Surpassing $360 Million

According to blockchain security firm PeckShield, crypto thefts reached alarming levels in February, with over $360 million stolen. This marks a significant increase from the $182.54 million lost in January.

PlayDapp Hit Hardest

Crypto gaming platform PlayDapp (PLA) suffered the most, losing a staggering $290 million in two security breaches. Despite offering a $1 million reward for the return of the funds, the hackers laundered the money, according to Elliptic.

Other Notable Losses

  • Automated crypto exchange FixedFloat: $25.85 million
  • Axie Infinity founder Jeff “Jihoz” Zirlin: $9.7 million (personal accounts only)
  • Layer-1 blockchain Shido (SHIDO): $7.3 million
  • Stablecoin protocol Seneca (SEN): $6.9 million

Recovery Efforts

PeckShield reports that only a small portion of the stolen assets, approximately 1.8% or $6.7 million, has been recovered.