Crypto Theft: Top 3 Causes Revealed

Private Key Leaks: The Biggest Threat

  • Storing private keys on easily accessible platforms like cloud storage or messaging apps
  • Sharing keys through unencrypted channels
  • Hackers using “credential stuffing” to access cloud storage and steal keys

Phishing: An Ongoing Threat

  • Phishing scams using fake social media profiles and links
  • 80% of first comments on project accounts are phishing scams
  • Scammers targeting Discord and Telegram communities

Honeypot Scams: Deceptive Investments

  • Creating tokens that appear promising but cannot be sold
  • Exploiting investors’ desire for quick profits
  • Scams rampant on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap

Tips for Staying Safe

  • Use risk assessment tools like MistTrack
  • Verify token legitimacy using blockchain explorers
  • Install browser extensions like Scam Sniffer to detect phishing sites
  • Educate yourself about cyber threats