Crypto is Hot Topic for 2024 Election: Grayscale Survey

Crypto is on the minds of US voters as the 2024 presidential election draws closer, according to a new survey by crypto asset management firm Grayscale.

Voters Are More Interested in Crypto Than Ever

The survey, conducted in April and May, found that nearly a third of voters are more open to learning about or investing in crypto since the beginning of the year. This growing interest is likely fueled by Bitcoin’s recent price surge and increased media attention.

Voters are also more likely to see crypto as a good long-term investment and are increasingly expecting to include it in their investment portfolios.

Crypto is a Bipartisan Issue

While former President Donald Trump has been vocal about his support for crypto, the survey shows that support for crypto is not limited to one political party.

Republicans and Democrats have similar ownership rates of crypto, and voters are split on which party has the best policies for the crypto industry.

This suggests that crypto is becoming a more mainstream issue and is gaining support across the political spectrum.

It remains to be seen how crypto will play out in the 2024 election,
but it’s clear that it’s becoming an increasingly important topic for voters. /p>