Crypto Forecast: Key Events to Watch This Week

Ethereum: Gearing Up for ETHDenver

  • ETHDenver 2024 (Feb 23 – Mar 3): Expect project announcements and potential trajectory shifts for Ethereum.
  • Dencun upgrade and spot Ethereum ETF approvals in May could be game-changers.

AI Coins: Nvidia’s Earnings Report

  • Nvidia’s Q4 2023 earnings report (Feb 21) will impact AI-related cryptocurrencies.
  • Positive earnings could boost tokens like FET, GRT, INJ, RNDR, and AGIX.

Polygon (MATIC): AggLayer V1 Mainnet Launch

  • Polygon’s AggLayer launch (Feb 23) enhances interoperability and user experience.
  • A successful launch could drive up MATIC’s price.

Bitcoin: Market Sentiment and FOMC Minutes

  • Bitcoin remains the market beacon.
  • FOMC minutes (TBD) will reveal the Fed’s interest rate policies, potentially swaying market sentiment.

Starknet (STRK) Airdrop: High Expectations

  • STRK airdrop (Feb 20, 12 pm UTC) will distribute 7% of the token’s supply.
  • OTC trading valuation of $18 billion sets high expectations.