Crypto Expert Predicts Massive Gains for Altcoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

Altcoin on the Rise

Crypto analyst Inmortal believes that Solana (SOL) could skyrocket by over 350% to reach $600. He compares SOL’s potential to Ethereum’s (ETH) parabolic rise in 2021.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Targets

Inmortal also predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) could hit $120,000 and ETH could reach $10,000.

Solana’s Momentum

Inmortal suggests that SOL could confirm its bullish trend by breaking through key resistance levels and establishing support at $120-$130 and $190-$200.

Dog-Themed Crypto on the Rise

Inmortal is also optimistic about Floki (FLOKI), a dog-themed crypto asset. He believes it could follow the success of Dogecoin (DOGE) and its rival Pepe (PEPE).

Technical Analysis

Inmortal’s chart analysis indicates that FLOKI could follow a similar price pattern as PEPE, which recently broke its December highs.