Crypto Expert Predicts Bitcoin Bottom in 2024

As Bitcoin’s price continues to swing, investors are wondering when it will hit its lowest point. Some believe it’s already happened, while others predict further declines.

Expert’s Prediction

Dave the Wave, a crypto expert who accurately predicted the 2021 Bitcoin peak, has now made a prediction for the bottom in 2024.

Indicators of a Bottom

Dave the Wave cites several indicators that suggest the Bitcoin bottom has been reached:

  • The MACD indicator is still below levels seen in the previous bull market.
  • The crypto market is more mature than before.

Price Expectations

Despite the recent price fluctuations, investors remain bullish on Bitcoin. The Fear & Greed Index indicates that investors are still buying into the market.

Predictions from Other Analysts

Other crypto analysts, such as Rekt Capital, predict further price increases if Bitcoin can break above $63,000.

Social Sentiment Shift

However, social sentiment for Bitcoin has recently turned bearish, with a 14% drop in the past week.