Crypto Bull Market Timeline: When Will It End?

Bull Market Peak

Crypto analyst Rekt Capital predicts the ongoing bull market for cryptocurrencies will end in late 2025. Based on historical Bitcoin patterns, he estimates the peak will occur between mid-September and mid-October 2025.

Pre-Halving Rally and Dip

Bitcoin is currently in a pre-halving rally, but Rekt Capital warns of a potential dip just before the halving event in April 2023, when miners’ rewards are halved.

Shiba Inu’s Future

Rekt Capital believes Shiba Inu (SHIB) will reach an all-time high again during the bull market, but only after a period of accumulation. He suggests two possible accumulation ranges: $0.000033285-$0.000047348 or $0.0000221371-$0.000026041.

Memecoin Rallies

Rekt Capital predicts strong rallies for memecoins like FLOKI, DOGE, SHIB, and BONK during the crypto bull market. He believes market psychology will always favor memecoins in such cycles.