Crypto Analyst Predicts Huge Returns for Memecoin and AI Asset

A crypto expert who accurately predicted Bitcoin’s 2018 price bottom is now eyeing a memecoin and an AI-related asset for potential gains.

Memecoin to Soar

Analyst Bluntz believes the Solana-based memecoin dogwifhat (WIF) could generate massive returns. He compares it to another crypto asset that has already seen a 5x increase this year.

“WIF will be my kingmaker trade for this cycle… Never thought my highest conviction bet would be a memecoin,” Bluntz said.

His chart suggests WIF could reach $3, a potential increase of over 700%.

AI Asset Poised for Growth

Bluntz is also bullish on Filecoin (FIL), the native asset of a decentralized storage network. He believes FIL is set to continue its upward trend after completing a corrective wave pattern.

“FIL gearing up for the next leg up here now in my opinion,” Bluntz said.

FIL is currently trading at $7.68.

Technical Analysis Insights

Bluntz uses Elliott Wave theory, a technical analysis approach that predicts price action based on crowd psychology. According to the theory, an asset tends to surge after completing a corrective pattern.