Counterfeit Cash on the Rise in the US

Counterfeiting Techniques Evolve

Reports of counterfeit money being used have been popping up across the country. In Hilo, Hawaii, authorities are investigating a case where someone has been bleaching the ink off of $1 bills and printing $100 marks on top. Police captain Rio Amon-Wilkins says this is the first time they’ve seen this type of counterfeiting method.

In Brownsville, Texas, a man has been accused of manufacturing counterfeit dollar bills and using them to pay for groceries, hotels, gas, and food. In Boardman, Ohio, counterfeit money was used to enter a community baseball stadium.

International Counterfeiting

German police have confiscated piles of fake cash with a face value of $103 million, believed to have come from Turkey and intended for illicit purposes in the US. The bills are known as “prop copy” or “movie money” but could be mistaken for real money in everyday life.

Secret Service Seizures

The US Secret Service seized $21.8 million in fake currency last year, leading to 197 arrests. While the dollar value of seizures has dropped recently, the agency warns that counterfeiting techniques are evolving with technology.

Evolving Threat

The threat of counterfeit US currency continues to evolve. Advances in technology and the availability of scanning and printing devices have made it easier for counterfeiters to produce high-quality fakes.