Continuous Value Exchange: Real-Time Streaming Payments


In the previous articles, we explored the disconnect between paid-for work and paid-for time. We also learned that to get paid, you need to provide valuable work for others. When someone consumes the benefit of your work, the exchange happens value for value – work for sats. But what if the benefit is not a momentary but a continuous process?

Streaming Payments for Content

Streaming services grapple with the limitations of fiat payment systems. They charge users on a monthly basis due to the burden of fees and the lack of suitable technology for streaming payments.

With the Lightning Network, we can stream sats for content in real time. This allows for a more personalized and efficient payment model, where creators and users have a direct connection for each minute the content is broadcasted.

Unveiling A New Era Of Fair Compensation And Accountability In Movie Production

Traditionally, movies charge people for a ticket upfront, creating a slight disconnect. With streaming payments using sats, consumers can pay as they watch. This ensures that creators receive value for their work, and viewers don’t feel overcharged for something they didn’t enjoy.

The Dynamic Future Of Pay-as-you-go In Content Consumption

The pay-as-you-go model holds true for continuous experiences, like streaming. Theaters can adjust their projections based on which movies are most popular in real time, optimizing revenues and benefiting consumers.

Revolutionizing Taxi Transactions For Drivers And Passengers Alike

Streaming payments can also be applied to transportation services. Taxi drivers can receive payment as they go, eliminating the risk of non-payment at the end of the journey.

Optimizing City Transportation With Streaming Sats

The proposed model of split-receiving through QR codes and streaming sats can extend beyond taxi services to other modes of transportation, such as buses. This can lead to more efficient and flexible city transportation.

The Streamlined Pay-from-a-distance

The pay-from-a-distance feature available in the Lightning Network enhances the experience of ordering a taxi. Streaming sats start the moment the passenger accepts the ride, incentivizing both parties to be prompt.


Streaming payments offer real-time tracking and control, opening up new possibilities for various services where charging per minute or duration is relevant. The Breez SDK empowers developers to create diverse applications without having to worry about payment intricacies.