Chase Refuses Reimbursement After Account Drained in Hack

Houston resident Cindy Little claims JPMorgan Chase refused to reimburse her after scammers drained $7,900 from her account over three days.

Suspicious Activity Ignored

Little reported suspicious activity to Chase after receiving a text message about an unknown Zelle recipient. The bank acknowledged the fraud and reimbursed $1,000.

However, a month later, Little received another text about an unauthorized transaction. She immediately contacted Chase, but her request to freeze her account was denied.

Ongoing Fraud

Despite Little’s reports, scammers continued to access her Zelle account, draining the remaining funds. The transactions occurred after she had alerted the bank to the fraud.

Bank Accusation

Chase has accused Little of orchestrating the scam herself. The bank has not issued a statement in response to media reports, but the attention may prompt a review of the case.

Seeking Justice

Little has filed a police report and contacted the FBI and FTC. With the help of a local news station, her case has been brought to the attention of Chase officials for further investigation.